Dr. Therese Hume

Therese Hume is a lecturer in the School of Engineering and Design, Institute of Technology Sligo, where she has worked since 1995.  Her research, which draws from the fields of sustainability education and science and technology studies, is inspired by the potential of higher education institutions to act as learning spaces and regional resources to address major sustainability challenges. She has also worked as a researcher in Queen’s University on an EPA-funded research project ‘Catalysing and Characterising Transition’, which examined capacities needed for an Irish energy transition.  In her teaching, an abiding interest has been in how social and environmental implications of technological change can be addressed within computing curricula.


Education in turbulent times: Navigating the transition from un-sustainability

Building on their 2015 paper ‘Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development: Moving toward the Future: ESD and the Building of Resilient Communities’ (In: International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2nd Edition, Elsevier), where they reflect on the context, content and processes of Education for Sustainable Development, Therese Hume and John Barry seek to envisage a navigational path for the transition from un-sustainability, and how this might impact on higher education.