EESD2020 hosts a number of workshops around key EESD themes:

Instilling the Entrepreneurial Mindset in Engineering Students to address the UN SDGs

Pritpal (“Pali”) Singh, PhD
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Villanova University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Blackstone LaunchPad @UCC, Boole Library, University College Cork

Workshop Description:

One of the approaches to addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is to develop solutions based on entrepreneurial ventures. Indeed, Carol Pomare in the book, “Entrepreneurship and the Sustainable Development Goals” states that “Entrepreneurship may be considered as the most powerful transformational driver for the future, by offering flexible and widespread structures for attaining and delivering the SDGs whilst fueling economic growth at a regional level.”

Yet many of our engineering programs do not cover how to instill the entrepreneurial mindset in engineering students. Over the last decade, the Kern Family Foundation has been supporting activities in several universities in the United States through the Kern Engineering Entrepreneurship Network (KEEN) program to support professors to develop activities to instill the entrepreneurial mindset in engineering students. This workshop will present the KEEN 3 C’s (Curiosity, Connections and Creating Value) framework for framing the elements of the entrepreneurial mindset. Some examples of entrepreneurial ventures established by engineering students that are addressing the UN SDGs will be presented. Finally, the workshop attendees will learn how to prepare classroom exercises to develop the entrepreneurial mindset in engineering students studying sustainable development.

Pali Singh is professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Villanova University. He has published widely on EESD and in 2019 was awarded The Lawrence C. Gallen, O.S.A. Faculty Service Award, an award presented to an individual member of the Villanova University faculty who has, over many years, contributed outstanding service to the Villanova University community.



Revisiting the Barcelona Declaration; an update for the 20’s?

Prof. Richard Fenner and Dr David Morgan
Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK

The Council Room, The Quad, University College Cork

Workshop Description:

Building on their EESD2020 conference paper ‘The Barcelona Declaration revisited: core themes and new challenges’, Fenner and Morgan seek to work with EESD2020 delegates in asking the question; ‘Is now an opportune time to revisit the Barcelona Declaration?’ and if so ‘What should a fit-for-purpose Barcelona Declaration look like for the 2020’s?’ The Barcelona Declaration emanated from the 2nd EESD held at UPC, Barcelona in 2004 and sought to outline what engineers and engineering educators must do in light of our ‘increasingly complex world’ within which ‘we are at a critical juncture at which humanity must make some serious choices about the future’.

Now more than ever, these sentiments ring through, though perhaps nearly two decades on, it is now time to dust down this worthy Declaration, and consider whether in might be upgraded as the issues (crises?) become ever more acuter and pressing, and if so, to seek to garner the collective wisdom and insights of the EESD community to ask how we might reformulate and update.

Richard Fenner leads the MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development at University of Cambridge, and hosted the 6th EESD at U. Cambridge in 2016. Dai Morgan is a lead member of the MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development team at U. Cambridge. Both academics research and publish in the EESD area.